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>> pack house tonight at the oakland city council meeting where emotions are on edge. why things started spiraling out of control? good evening. the city manager closed off the balcony tonight. they said it was for safety reasons. but it setoff the
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crowd before the city council meeting ever even started. overflow crowd refused to watch the meeting ma separate room and chanted outside the council chbers. they were there demanding the police reportedly officer involved shooting death of allen blue ford. police claim he had a gun when they shot him last may. >> we are just trying to get answers and we say it and say it and haven't been able to get answers. at ever turn shut down. we have been discourage discouraged. we have been treated badly. >> but don't just come and yel yell. because that doesn't change anything. come and work with us to change the policies and procedures. >>reporter: crowd continued to shout down the council for about an hour before city councilman reid handed over his cope of the police report to blue ford parents. there it is in hisrtz hand. late this afternoon the police chief had released the report to the family who is now suing the city. the lawyer burris says the family persistence worked.
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hear from him tonight at 11 over on channel 7. staying in oakland. police are questioning 3 people tonight after another fatal shooting. the city fifth homicide in less than 24 hours time. it happened this afternoon on the 1500 block of 57th avenue. one man was pronounced dead at the scene and 3 people have been detained for questioning. this morning officers responded to double homicide that was on 72 street near international boulevard. police say 2 men were shot to death while sitting in a van. 2 other men were kill in serate gun aacksastlast nigh nigh > inan mateo tonight precutor link spect in chd molestati casat park si elementary school to anher iident at school in daly city. those new charges added today. the story tonight from vick lee. >> in march a teacher found intruder here at washington elementary school in daly city. 4 girls tld her they ought ey hearsomeone tang pictures while thewere in the
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girl's restroom. >> they heard the clicking of a camera and told the teacher. there was somebody hiding in the stall and ordered that person to come out then. >> district attorney steve says this was silence. the teacher yelled again. the door flew over and the rson went running by and ran out of school. >> the teacher got a good look at him. fast forward to about a week ago. on september 21, police say 25-year-old bradley sack offered vodka and made lewd remark to 2 girls near this academy. he was also kicked off campus at elementary schoolhe se mornin. ter that todaye gred a yearld gi in e bathroom parkide elementy shool. th he triedo carry her away. the police say she fought her ab abductor kicking and running back to l 62. girl later identified him after police arrested him when they found him loitering in the neighborhood. all the
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publicity generated by this se prompted the at washinon elemeary scol to call piceelling them th uld bethe same iruder. th police did their investigation. showed her a set of photo one of which the defendant was in and she said that's the guy. since the incident here at park side elementary school officials extend add fence that now surround the perimeter of the campus. now also locking the main gat so parentshaveo wait outsider inhe oice til the schl unlock te doors. parents say she doesn't mind. >> you never know. so it's good they are doing all this. i think it keeps all of us saf safe. >>reporter: meantime vargas talking to 5-year-old luke about strangers approaching hi him. >> i get somebody and then i like walk away. >>reporter: and scream. he's being held without bail. district attory sayshe investigation continues and that he says it's likely there
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will be more incidents at other schools and that's why they are not releasing his mug shot to us. district attorney wants possible victims to identify him through a photo line up and not through a news story. 7 news. >> names of 3 bay area firefighters are about to be added to the california firefighters memorial in sacramento. vallejo fire captain william young served 31 years in the department. willy west firefighters with lockheed before joining east contra costa county fire department. and paul frank started working for alameda fire department 1973 they all died of job relited cancer. names etched into the sacramento memorial. they join more than 1200 names already indescribed on the wal wall. firefighters who died in the line of duty. >> sacrifice that firefighters give on daily basis i think people kind of miss the point sometimes of just how much of their lives are giving up. just because that's who they
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are. >> inscription are part of 10 year anniversary of the memorial. event will be held october 19th and 20th. on the subject of fires. man went door to door this afternoon warning his neighbors just moments after fire broke out at the apartment building in oakland. fire started at lunch time about 12:40 in an apartment building located behind a flower shop on fruitvale avenue. listen to the good samaritan now explai what happened next. >> all i heard was crackling. i looked out. i saw the steps were o fire. i put some clothes on and i ran and knocked on all the doors to get everybody out. >> fire had spread into the attic. that took us quite a bit more time to access that area and put the fire out. >>reporter: all of the buildings residents escaped unharmed large part because of the good samaritan. one firefighters needed treatment for strained back. investigators are still trying to figure out exactly why the fire started. at least 2 people will have to find another place to leif for the
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time being because of the damage to the building. well, now to this heat wave in october. this is a live picture in emeryville. and san francisco. last night at this time it was 74 degrees in the city and tonight also spencer tells me 74 degrees. here's emeryville camera now. from sutro i'm sorry. so will we get some relief from this heat? spencer is tracking it. another warm night. >> very warm night and no wonder because today high pressure were so high heat is holding on. long time to receive. today high 102 at clover dil. ukiah 105 and santa rosa 100. concord 101 antioch 103 and livermore 101 at santa cruz and 3 record for this date 99 at kent field, new record for this date. 95 in moffitt field new record for this date and san jose tied existing record. san francisco high of 94 degrees. second cop
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executive day we have had temperatures at or about 90 degrees san francisco but things about to change in dramatic fashion. i'll have the accu-weather 7 day forecast coming up very shortly. >> thanks very much. temperatures going down. gas prices look like going up. you may have noticed is what happening at the pump and could keep on climbing. regular unleaded rose to 4.33 in san francisco today. web site gas reports that they could climb another 30 cents in the next few days. spike is blamed on what he calls a perfect storm caused by disruption in fuel smrichlt problem forced a pipeline owned by chevron to shut down. facility went off line after power surge and prices already 10% higher few days ago than they were before the august fire at chevron richmond refine. look for them to continue to go up. >> well asou welknow s francio is knn as a lerant city but tonight one city leader says enough is
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enough at least when it comes to nudity in public. so he introduced a measure today that would restrict where people are allowed to be in the bu. carolytyler has that story. >>porter: on a nice dayike today thisan enjoys bearing it all. he's one of the so-called naked guys who gather in the park let at castro and market street. >> this is a neighborhood that has very limited public space and many our town square is now almost every day a nudist colony and so it's not okay. >>reporter: supervisor scott weiner proposed today that public nudity be restricted to what he calls appropriate venu venue. including bay to brea breakers. the folsom street fair and the beach. he says in the past couple of years his district the castro has seen a sky rocketing increase in people who like to display their privates in public. this man with not divulge his name and put his clothes back on
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when he saw our cameras believes there's nothing wrong with showing his assets. >> i think that to be the human is to have a human body to be ashamed of the body is ashamed to be human, >>reporter: it's a controversial topic in the castro. >> thiseighborhood has changed a lot. there are so many children and families here now and why should anyone have to have a conversation with a child mommy why is that man naked. that should never happen. >> as long as respectable about it and no sexual thing let them wear what they want. >> that's what is great about san francisco the diversity. >>reporter: the weiner legislation calls for fines starting at 100 dollars and increasing to 500. the measure has the mayor's support. >> we will hear criticism about it because we are a city that enjoys the freedom to do everything but there should be a balance. >>reporter: get ready for san francisco to be the butt of jokes. san jose and berkeley already have ban on public nudity. in san francisco, abc
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7 news. ore tis tuesdayight coming up. challenging california landmark law. group now fighting a ban on gay conversion therapy. >> plus power line down. homes evacuated and house gets torched of something about the size of bread box. this story. also. >> stars of fleet week. blue anl arrive when you can see them up close. >> plus real life super hero and what they are doing on the streets of san diego. stay [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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>> next year new california law wi baprvls frotryingo tu 58 lesan teenars straht. owev a chrtian legal oup is now going to court to stop that law. we are in sacramento with the story tonight. >> i heard that being gay is wrong. it's a sin. >>reporter: steven went through controversial treatment called repairtive therapy last year in an effort to become straight but the bay area man says no one should go through it because it can be dangerous. >> it causes depression.
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anxiety. thoughts of suicide and makes you anxious and cause to you hate yourself. >>reporter: he was excited to hear governor brown sign into law a ban preventing mental health professionals from using these in california on minor. members the psychiatric association concluded are harmful to patient n.a statement the governor said the practices have no basis in sigh he says or medicine and now taken to the quackery. >> we have the signs we don't have before. the sexl orientation is not something be cnged. >> viory ort lid fogay rights aocate ik barely dry on governor setting and conservative group already filed a lawsuit to stop the ban from taking effect january 1st. they claim it's unconstitutional. violating the first amendment. >> absolutely clamps down on speech by the professionals involved. it also affects the minorities and parents right to
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access particular types of therapy that they may want. >> conservative legal group also argue conversion therapy does work for some people. >> when it benefits some people and may or may not benefit other we'll there's no basis for the step in going through the therapy was darkest times in my life. >>reporter: did it work. >> no. i am just as guys as i ever was. >>reporter: other states will be interested in seeing how this case place out. they too are considering similar bans. in sacramento, abc 7 news. well, you can blame the sea gull for starting house fire in berkeley this morning. delaware street whole block evacuated. tting this to fall on the grass sprea to the arest house. damage estimated at 50,000 dollars 1 casualty of the fire is here. let's talk about the remarkable
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city. 3 consecutive day. it will begin to taper off and cool down. live view under very warm condition from the roof top camerlooking at clea sk an moon okin raer fu. n offiall full b it looks full from this point of view. warm night. no marine layer no coastal fog to cool us down. here's the absence of coastal fog, last 3 nights which is one reason for the rather extreme heat we have had and even now it's so warm. as warm as our usual take time high this time of year. 77 in san francisco. 82 across the bay. oakland 84 in pontiac. 90 in san rafael but cool 59 at ha moon b. thesare thforecast featu. clear condions tonigh he begin to subside tomorrow
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and we have sharper cooling down for the remainder of the week into the weekend. water vapor light big mass of hot air dominating our weather last few days now breaking up and falling apart so hot pattern begins to brick cooler air will filter in. we have a rather sharp cool down beginning on thursday but beginning tomorrow morning at 5:00 o'clock we see tl fog surging northward up the coast line moving closer to the bay area. cooling sea breeze move inand and drop temperatures total. war day today but not a hot one. overnight tonight mild with low mainly to low mid 60's very mild overnight and then high in the south bay warm but not hot. mid upper 80's most part. high of 85 at santa clara. 86 san jose. peninsula, 80 at san mateo. mid 60's on the coast.
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downtown safrancisco will reach of only4 torrowor high of 94 today. 66 in e sun se district. north bay high genally in the low to mid 80's we'll see low to mid 90's farther up clover detail and 79 at oakland. l 85 at free mon. inland east bay high in the low to mid 90's and 92 the at danville pleasanton and near monterey bay high of 72 at was sville.he accu-weaer day fecast. after morrow beginning of the cool down we have party through the weekend. by the weekend is oversee mid 70's low 70's right acrowned the bay. only 50's on the coast. now what would you do with 49,000 dollars? well, win big with abc 7 and find out. we are giving away 49,000 dollars and all the
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facebook friends or win with us from the court. just go to face look slavrn win 49,000 dollar button that takes you the winner 18 after wren is right here. 49 yand thank you very much. night tonight for oak lab. they have clinched maybe major league play off but of. >> was ate disaster or case of massive fraud? those stories and more for you coming up as 7 news at 9
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>> just a great bay area sports moment. oakland a's celebrating last night after securing a wild card slot. play off fever really does hit the east bay. now if the a's keep up the winning ways they could clinch the american league west. fans are scramble abouting now to secure tickets. laura was at the coliseum for some of the excitement today. [ screaming]. >>reporter: who knew last night party would extend well into today? no lack of enthusiasim among these fans. >> go oakland. i'm so excited for the a's. >>reporter: waiting in line to make sure their part of their team next potential celebratio celebration. >> i was looking for 8 tickets for tonight's game. >> wow! this this is totally incredible. >>reporter: few people can appreciate the success of these young a more than mike norris pitcher on oakland 1980 team known for the over achievement.
9:25 pm
>> we had a bunch of rookie and a lot of no name ball players out there. but they seemed to be a better team all around all the way around l. they seemed like they have more tenacity. >>reporter: the young a performed in the shadow of coliseum controversy as owner persist in his effort to move the team out of town. >> now the team is doing well the average fans are starting to come back. we want to show the team good on the field and mrwolf will nt to recoider and keep e tm re in oaand. >> theareoingo th post seas. >>report: expected or not the a now a play off team and fans are lining up to make sure they are part of the final 2 regular season games. >> go a's. l open up mount davis and sell out whole stadium 60,000 plus and get it cracking. >>reporter: even in this line you can't always tell an a's fan by the colors. >> i was out shopping and he said do you want to go to the game. i said i'll come pick you up. tis is what i had on.
9:26 pm
>>reporter: brave lady. >> i won't wear that tonight. i won't wear that tomorrow. i'll have my full gear on. >> she thinks i'm buying her a ticket but i'm not. >>reporter: one fan said would he like to have mount davis open up for the play offs. third de offials wil onlyonsider that the a's make the rld sees. n oaand abc 7 news o souern lifoia for moment where crime fighters of different kind patrolling the streets of one of san diego toughest neighborhoods. 3 members of the extreme justice league mr. extreme the grimace he calls himself and urban avenger. costume crewed saiders walk the city heights neighborhood in san diego handing out fliers with pictures ofed about guy on them. on this night they a asking for help finding a double murder suspect. mr. extreme says the costumes actually work. >> if ey ask us what it's about ey fd out there's a real messa her true
9:27 pm
messe true tivism. >> that'sreat they e trying to hp out the community and stuff like that. nobody else really cares. nobody else walk around with costumes like trying to fight crime. like superman or "spider-man". >> league stopped 2 murder and rape in the neighborhood but need more help. looking to add the current 15 mbers of the extreme justice league. with well more to come tonight. on 7 news at 9:00 guess what. blue angel back in the bay. new added attraction this year. fichbl surer one man explanation of car accident is all wet find out why. >> what hpened in the dead o night. border ant killed. another wounded what we know about this
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>> last night demonstrates the danger law enforcement officers face on the south weather border every day. >> man hunt tonight for whoever shot and killed this man. an american border agent and wounded a second agent near the mexican border. agent who died was 30 years old. he leaves behind a wife and 2 children. the big question tonight was this the mexican drug cartel at work? more now from cecelia vega. >>reporter: it is remote. dangerous. deadly. it was here early this morning on this dusty stretch of land where arizona meets mexico that 3 border patrol agents were fired on. one made it out safely. another wawb shot twice and expected to recover. but the third agent 30-year-old nicholas ivy was shot dead. >> we suspect this is probably some type of narcotics trafficking event that these agents encountered but at this
9:32 pm
time that would be speculative. >>reporter: it was just before 2 in the morning when something triggered one of the many accepts ors along the border. this is how this advance technology works. sensors buried below ground automatically alert the nearest border patrol office. one over there when they detect a certain weight whether a smuggler or illegal cross error even large animal agents have to come out here to investigat investigate. the 3 agents headed to spot just 3 miles north of the border. they headed up a desert hill somebody fired right at them. in what is bngescribed as an ambush. gentork in stion med two week ago for brian terri lt agent fatally shot on duty. his death from firearms ignite add fire storm. unknown if the weapon that killed ivy has any link to that now famous controversy what is clear here is just how
9:33 pm
dangerous le can be. >> agent ivy died in the line of dut. precting our nation against those who threaten our way of life. his death only strengthen our resolve. >>reporter: the terrain is so rough it could be days before agents done processing the crime scene. for now the flags at the station remain lowered and agents remain i warng. onighte now know wt caus a row of ats to come lose on 3 separate american airlines flights. officials say that each row of seat held to the floor with a saddle clamp. it's that clamp that was improperly installed they believe on the planes causing them to disengage. investigation is still under way. viral video is at the center of a multi-million dollar fraud trial. man driving a million darr super car swerve noose texas lagoon. insurance company says he did
9:34 pm
it to collect the 200,000 dollars policy. john has the story. >>reporter: lawyers say what you are about to see either multi-million dollar disaster or elaborate fraud. 2006 vehicle one of hundreds made and worth a cool million driving down highway near houston, texas three years ago. videotaped by car enthusiast driving nearby. >> that will be mine one day. reporter: ut of nowhe. oh. this is now at the center of insurance fraud case to begin later this month. at the time of the accident the driver told police he dropped the phone. when he looked up he says he saw a pelican and veered to the right straight into the salt water marsh. >> it was about 2 and a hal footeep out ere. the ner s snding re on e sde the roaeal lm and everythi. >>porter: 3 week bere the accident thehiladelphia insurance company issued a tw
9:35 pm
two.two million dollar policy on the car. now court documents says house committed fraud. now infamous video show no, sir pelican and attempt by house to brake. saying instead he quote intentionally drove the vehicle into the lagoon to destroy the car and collect insurance proceeds twice the valley of the video. >> this video is exhibit a. critical evidence to the avoid this insurance policy. >>reporter: most bizarre twis twist? philadelphia says it has informant who alleges he was offered car and counter suit and many house turned down request for interview. but in a statement to us his attorney says we won't try our case in the media but will rely on the facts and evidence admitted during a trial of the matter. >> oh. fichlt john sheave
9:36 pm
reporting. >> parking rv in san francisco has gotn more difficul especially for thoseot using it foracation. hours ago the board of supervisors gave final approval to ban on overnight parking of large vehicle like campers bus or truck,k, targe targeting people who sleep in their vehicle on certain streets especially near the beach and golden gate park. it will be in the effect overnight hours between 5 and 6:00 a.m. well they are back. blue angel flew into the bay area this evening. they are here of course for the annual appearance at the fleet week air show and this weekend fun for those who enjoy their work but f the coastuard it's working weend. as explained, this is a little bit more work. >> the big air show. parade of ship and hundreds of boats on the bay always a big weekend for the coast guard. >> then when you add on m-cup it's even bigger this weekend it's the america's cup world
9:37 pm
series that is being added on. it's great marketing ploy for the yacht race. but it's an extra bit of work for the coast guard. >> we have 65 law enforcement the officials. >>reporter: coast guard showed off how they strict this they expect 2000 private folk on the water, 3 times more than a normal weekend. >> we really usually don't have a problem. people are very understanding and know what they are supposed to be doing and not doing. we are all there to enjoy a show. >> there will be added security including bomb nickill bet e pier, we ve a veryough schedule. >>reporter: most of what the coat guard is doing is safety related. make sure voters carry life jacket for everyone on board and in case of trouble they showed us the rescue technique. jumping in like to
9:38 pm
save some prune from drown. >> look what they are going through. how are you going to calm them down keep them safe what kind of method you have to use to get them out of the water. >>reporter: pwlaw h1n1 blue angel fly saturday sunday. the world series boats all start flying the hull when racing begins on san francisco. 7 news. >> because of events like fleet week america cups and blue grass pet value bart is gearing up for epic weekend and surely being that. they scheduled up to a dozen special event trains this weekend. mayor lee says the city arranged for 100 additional taxi out on the street as well to accommodate visitors and those taking part in the activities. vl we have a helpful guide forget to go many of the biggest events around town. click on the one you are going to and show you on public transportation. pretty easy. >> still ahead tonight. local
9:39 pm
research group discover new way for women to block the aids virus. virus.
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9:42 pm
>> haetdz up about sock around the house. costco stores emptying their shelves of smoked salmon tainted with salmonella bacteria. salmon sicken hundreds of people in the netherlands. here in the united states salmon is sold at costco warehouse stores uer the kirkland store bra me anthis name. costco pulled th product fm its shelves after beinnotified. store says they have no independent problem. people from the mevr lands got sick. u.s. federal health officials say they are only in the preliminary stage of the investigation. well bay area researchers
9:43 pm
are launching a prom equity that could ultimately save literally millns of women from being infected with the aids virus and delivery system puts the technology of the winds carolyn has the story. >> estimated 3000 women around the world are infected with hive every day. majority of those cases are in subject is a har app africa. now her team from memorandum lo park develop agile that cut the numbers dramatically. >> 2 part sale. apply to the site. it will stick but such a listening time at the same time 2 drug between our kids one effective and took 3. >>reporter: is to protect women from form of gele she says the gel would be effective terminated sometimes discourage use the use of condom.
9:44 pm
>> therefore you want to empower the room. give them something. ability to take it off their health. take channeling of own health. >> national institute of mental health health in july it awarded them half million dollar grant to fun the rapers for two years. >> of leave women more vulnerable to contracting hive. >> if you can reduce the one you also reduce the other. >> in fact analysis suggest that if the micro gelere used by inastrucre machine ildren could prevent hureds of thousands of hiv infection every day. since the jail employs anti-staingt approval process. >> we are cleaning hoping the next two years we can take this to a stage we cap actually get on there and start a family hopefully africa in a few year
9:45 pm
years. >> researchers final the finance versus of the eight hours coming up next. the mivr kill dog. >> the wants to hear the story of the miracle dog. >> stay with us. you get the story of the dog stuck in the s[ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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oy. [ me anunr ] th tibank popmoney, dan c easily sendoney byemai right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> to ode isla wherenimal contl is looking f the os of a ting that darte in front of a toyota in taunton, massachusetts. it was catapulted into the front grill behind the license plate and was not discovered until 11 miles later in providence, rhode island. reporter jim
9:49 pm
picks up the story from there. >>reporter: she doesn't have a name. no one knows how old she isut the pictures tell the story fr 2 thursday ago. the driver going 50 when the pooch darted into the road. he stopped. >> he at any time see the dog around the vehicle he checked in rear-view mirror looked around. 11 miles later and someone flagged him down and said the dog was stuck in the grill of the car. >>reporter: he took the dog to the vet and looked at her and no broken bones outside the concussion and possible rough which was for her to hold on for 11 miles and survive that journey. nothing short of a miracle. >> miracle dog. thanks to jim for that story. >> all right one last chk on the weher a the heat spencer itback with that. >> ready for conlidate down me our way b first recapping some of today high pressure. we had numerous triple digit reading. maybe
9:50 pm
you don't know but we reported earlier and 3 records for this date. new record for the state there 95 degrees and move field at knicks boyd its record high this date. tomorrow it will be spiral different picture. warm but not hot. see high in the cities on the coast. 74 san francisco today of hive 100 where the america's cup qualifiers are under way tomorrow on the bay in the afternoon 4-6:00 p.m. wind out of the westin to 20 knot. temperature mountain 60's finally sunday. big cool town come our way issue many to the 70 and 50's open the coast. quite a difference from what we have seen the last few daisy. >> we'll be right. >> absolutely. thanks very much. well they like it hot tonight. not just the temperature but the baseball
9:51 pm
team. lachl's doing great. >> this is unbelievable wild card is nice. a's want more. they wt the division title. tryi to beat the ranger y again to set up a one ge again to set up a one ge nner takin
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
. >> come up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. extremely critical report on the oakland police department. what it says about the mentality of officers when they use deadly force. >> and tanning bed safety. new study that went looking for answers from thousands of people that use them or discover. more of this sports director is here with all the sports tonight. what a great story. >> it continues. not over yet. rangerwish it was over but no no no. a's celebrated my off first last night so tonight the after party and maybe again the pre-party trial to get from
9:55 pm
his picture tonight. turn out in droves in the green and gold at the coliseum. 2nd inning jam. runners at the courses. out of trouble following hamilton. he yushs that 1 the bounce off the wall. scoring for degree. rangers take a 1 nothing lead. same scor. nois offrigh hcruid bo is goi to edge for in it best to. petaluma a pride johnny goes em invite just went final at this moment they are tying with test for fears place. come down to an afrnoon gamtomorr. 1 game is termin whoinshe americanleague west tle.
9:56 pm
meanwhile back ea. the orioles beat the rays 1 run scored to whip it nor in addition to being being wild card spot. one posts the others. a's hope to avoid that. now the giants already locked in as nl west champion. one last piece of business. pipd night nens the if you please. i'm hoping this guy his a would or something like that it 15th win of the season. buster bust out 24th of the year. mvp. 1 nothing giants. 1-game in the third. joaquin starting at short stop reach out and touch someone. is
9:57 pm
leaving room in the fifth. marcos inside outside right field lane he will gone barely mail it. 3 inning as the inowes the gra byr inexpeence nigh seve ars oe me the psici pearance in game planfor the cubs first pitch he saw in the major. fast ball in the head. since then he suffered poach discussion session but he won't give you he maid lart same same in second years ago. >> that's me. seeing my film and mber t trome true so ght no this ia scr in th gain weight that like i
9:58 pm
one this is the sto start of hart 2 of my career. that's what i'm most grateful for. >> so he's at bat 31 years old r green burg. ra dic and got hm right there up 13 with lives i'm for spotlight even more quarterback this weekend and knows card coming f the 13 of reivers didn help oppi a coue certain touch downasses. thissaturday host daytime haech he not making a at quarter. >> that's not something i pick thinking but that cause that's big time anybody when we lose
9:59 pm
and. >> fun video to close with. midget state in florida. young tradition to which oakland game. players and coaches to lake injury are assisting into the water then everybody gets toke and they school a 5 foot. after after taylor cox for senior junior celebrating by jumping up against the law went right through the black. no worries. taylor is fine. soggy players. stated it off that's not a problem. listen here. 5 hiv. sanction that i am 7 news. but for all of us here thanks we batch you premium over on chance

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